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The products

We have strategically specialised our company at the highest degree thanks to our equipments and the modern production techniques, which enable the creation of a product that fully meets the main needs of the market: high quality with competitive prices.

The main technical features of our products are:

  1. Excellent easy use due to the interior coating, with its three non-stick layers, applied with the 'spray-on technology' to guarantee the uniform distribution of the covering, excellent hardness and resistance.

  2. The stainless steel body ensures sturdiness, limitless durability, maximum practicality and indeformability.

  3. The three-layer bottom allows excellent heat-conduction, thus combining excellent cooking performance and considerable energy saving.

  4. The peculiar ferromagnetic base makes the product suitable for all cooking surfaces: gas, glass-ceramic, electric plates, as well as the most innovative induction plates, particularly indicated to cook efficiently and safely.

  5. The high-thickness base makes the product long lasting and indeformable.

  6. The modern packaging plants can satisfy any customisation demand.



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