cookware, stainless steel  non stick pans, three-layer bottom
stainless steel  non stick pans, cookware
stainless steel  non stick pans, cookware

three-layer bottom, cookware stainless steel  non stick pans Cookware

stainless steel nostick pans cooking

stainless steel cookware

Inox House s.r.l. is a modern and flexible company run by managers and technical staff of several years' proven experience in the field of the stainless steel manufacture for the cookware market.

State-of-the-art plants, innovative production processes, high qualified and skilled personnel allow the company to offer the best products in terms of quality and reliability.

Its core activity is the production of 18/10 non-stick stainless steel pans and sauce-pans. The fully automatic stamping lines combine, in the various production cycles, both productivity and functionality. The so-called 'impact force' technology (with screw-presses up to 2000 tons) allows to create a three-layer bottom with perfect welding and indeformable shape.

Inox House accurately chooses the best non-stick coating for its articles. Stainless steel and non-stick coating of excellent quality guarantee not only the best cooking results, but also easy use, limitless durability and standards largely superior to the traditional non stick-aluminium cookware.

We have strategically specialised our company at the highest degree thanks to our equipments and the modern production techniques, which enable the creation of a product that fully meets the main needs of the market: high quality with competitive prices.

The main technical features of our products are:

  1. Excellent easy use due to the interior coating, with its three non-stick layers, applied with the 'spray-on technology' to guarantee the uniform distribution of the covering, excellent hardness and resistance.
  2. The stainless steel body ensures sturdiness, limitless durability, maximum practicality and indeformability.
  3. The three-layer bottom allows excellent heat-conduction, thus combining excellent cooking performance and considerable energy saving.
  4. The peculiar ferromagnetic base makes the product suitable for all cooking surfaces: gas, glass-ceramic, electric plates, as well as the most innovative induction plates, particularly indicated to cook efficiently and safely.
  5. The high-thickness base makes the product long lasting and indeformable.
  6. The modern packaging plants can satisfy any customisation demand.

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